Our Story

Driven by an early commitment to the environment, the company was founded by John Godden who was influenced by his education at Waterloo where he graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in planning. Clearsphere began in 1986 as a Toronto-based specialty building group with a strong environmental and health focus that built custom eco-friendly, ultra energy-efficient homes incorporating the latest green technologies and products.

Clearsphere has evolved into the GTA’s leading environmental and energy efficient building consultant for builders, contractors and renovators, dedicated to a path continual improvement in the residential building sector.

The company achieves this through integrated design and creative problem solving. The company’s logo is symbolic of the process of solving a problem.

The Problem

Nine dots are arranged as shown. Link these nine dots using only four straight, continuous lines without lifting the pencil from the paper.

The Solution

Edward De Bono, Lateral Thinking

…Thinking outside the BOX!

Our eyes are drawn to the focus of the nine dots. Our brains, if unchecked create an artificial limitation at the outside boundary of the nine dots, but thinking outside the box enable us to push the envelope in finding new solutions.

Residential construction is based on traditional building systems; the challenge of sustainability is to think creatively outside the status quo.  John uses his 25 years of building knowledge and construction experience to go beyond home testing and inspections to enable clients to gain insights about how they can connect “their” dots to think outside of the dots.