Who We Are

Clearsphere is your preferred source for residential energy efficiency and sustainability consulting, home evaluation, home testing and hands-on training.  We operate in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. We believe that high performance homes are accomplished through a process of continuous improvement and through the integration of all parties involved.

We work with Production and Custom Builders, Renovators, Building Trades, Manufacturers, Architects and Designers, Municipal Building Officials and homeowners.

Clearsphere is fortunate to be comprised of a team with diverse backgrounds and experience including Builders, Home Inspectors, HRAI Certified HVAC Designers, Home Energy Evaluators, Building Scientists, Architectural Technicians and Designers.

Why Are We Committed to Sustainability?

Simply…Our Thin Shell, the Earth’s Troposphere

90% of the atmosphere is 12 km (40,000 feet) thick. The same as the distance from the foot of Yonge Street at the Lake Shore to Hwy 401. This thin shell is threathen by pollution and climate change,  due to our current over use our natural resources and excessive production of CO2.

Sustainability means is using resources wisely today so that last for future generations. As a father of two with an 8 and 10 year old, John is even more seriously thinking about the future. Sustainability is all about thinking about future generations. We should look to the First Nations in Canada. They do not make decisions today that will negatively impact the lives of 7 future generations.