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Trudy Puls
Phone:  1-905-467-5223

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Their Products:

ROXUL- The Better Insulation- Stone Wool insulation that delivers energy, efficiency and environmental protection.

  • ROXUL COMFORTBATT® thermal insulation
  • ROXUL SAFE’n'SOUND® soundproofing insulation

How They Are Used:

  • ROXUL COMFORTBATT® – for use in exterior walls, attics and crawlspaces. It provides indoor comfort and energy savings all year ‘round.
  • ROXUL SAFE’n'SOUND® – for use in interior walls, ceilings and floors to help create a quieter home.


Thermal Insulation

ROXUL stone wool is an excellent insulator and a vital component of an energy efficient building.  In fact, insulation saves 12 times as much energy per pound in its first year in place as the energy used to produce it.

Sound Absorption

The non-directional fiber orientation of the ROXUL stone wool helps the absorption of acoustic waves and can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise.

Fire Resistant

ROXUL insulation can withstand temperatures up to 2150º F (1177º C).  Consequently, it does not contribute either to the development and spread of fire or the release of toxic gases.

Water Repellent

ROXUL stone wool is water repellent yet vapor permeable.  This means that the insulation cannot absorb water so the R-value is not affected.  Additionally it is completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold and bacterial growth, contributing to a safer indoor environment.

Dimensional stability

ROXUL stone wool retains its characteristics unaltered over time.  It undergoes only minimal changes in size or performance to the changing conditions of temperature and humidity.

Recycled Content

ROXUL stone wool insulation is made with up to 40% recycled content. Read more >>

Builder Testimonials:

Dover Coast
May 19, 2011
163 New Lakeshore Rd.
Port Dover, Ont.

I have over 30 yrs. experience in residential construction.  When I joined John Lennox at Dover Coast September 2010 I found a builder who wanted to deliver a product that was superior to everything being offered in the local market and surpassed Ontario Building Code specifications.  I have worked for multiple builders over the years and this was a first for me.

John had a vision to create a unique retirement community with upscale amenities. It only made sense to offer a product that met those high standards.

Using ROXUL products in our homes as well as John’s own home which is under construction only made sense after I did some research and furthered my education regarding insulation.

ROXUL’s wide range of product allows for many options in the house.  With basement board, wall insulation and sound proofing materials we are building a better home with higher energy efficiency.   Through countless hours of support by Trudy Puls from ROXULand assistance from John Godden at Clearsphere we have been able to offer a package which surpasses building code, easily meets or exceeds Energy Star rating requirements and has become an excellent marketing tool.

Our ROXUL sales rep, Trudy Puls even took time from her family to attend a large Sunday open house to help promote our product and the benefits of building with ROXUL.  By bringing John Godden with her they were able to field all questions by purchasers and potential purchasers regarding Dover Coast’s commitment to quality, energy efficiency and the benefits of using ROXUL.

Grant Wice
Construction Manager