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Their Products:

  • Enermax soundproofing panels
  • Excel III Structural Sheathing
  • R4 Insulsheathing

How They Are Used:

  • Enermax soundproofing panels - Used as high-performance acoustic insulation that reduces airborne noise to a minimum.
  • Excel III Structural Sheathing — a radically different air barrier that allows moisture out and provides maximum resistance against air leaks.  It’s easy, faster to install, and cost effective.
  • R4 Insulsheathing — the strongest, most energy efficient and cost-effective insulation board on the market.



Air and sound barrier
Creates a continuous sound barrier and highly effective air barrier for any type of renovation or construction project.  Panels efficiently eliminate air infiltration and loss of energy while reducing sound transmission.

Thermal insulation
Enermax increases the wall system’s R-value by 4.7 by adding more than 25% insulation to a standard 2″ x 6″ wall cavity to improve comfort and increase energy savings.

Vapour barrier
Every Enermax panel is factory-laminated with a water vapour resistant aluminum skin.

Contains absolutely no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which deplete the ozone layer and contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Fire Rating
One hour fire rating within a system tested as per UL S-101. The system tested was a STC-53 interior division wall with metal studs.

Recycled and recyclable: 98% of the wood fibre used in manufacturing is a by-product that has no other use and would have otherwise been considered waste.


Thermal insulation
The factory-calendered polymer composite membrane allows moisture to vent out while preventing air or water from coming in.  The result is lower heating and air conditioning costs.

Sound absorption
Acts as a sound-deadening panel and provides a peaceful environment. noise reduction properties have been comparison tested against polystyrene-based products.

Consists of 98% recycled materials.  It is made of natural wood fibres recovered from sawdust and shavings, and glued together with cornstarch.  The air barrier skin is water based.  Free of any products that contain ozone depleting CFC or HCFC-type chlorofluorocarbons.

Easy installation
Nails do not damage the wood fibre nor compromise performance.  Nail holding power maintains structural insulation and provides a solid base for attaching cladding.  No additional braces, struts or lateral support required.  Once nailed down, simply caulk or weatherstrip the joints.  No need to add an air barrier or an intermediate membrane.


Thermal insulation
High insulation value with breathable construction that reduces thermal bridging.

Sound absorption
Excellent acoustic performance.

Unique composition
Two distinctly different sides to the same panel: a wood fibre layer made from 100% recycled materials that provides rigid structural strength and an efficient weather barrier; and a lightweight polystyrene layer that works as a thermal blocker and highly efficient insulator.