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  • Blueskin WB
  • Blueskin VP
  • Duct Seal
  • Blueskin RF 200

Blueskin® WB Window and Door Flashing

Blueskin® WB seals off the tiny gaps between wall sheathing and windows, doors, skylights and more to prevent water, vapour, and air leaks. The result? A more comfortable, energy efficient home for your customers. Fewer callbacks and a more profitable job for you.

Blueskin® WB Window and Door Flashing self seals around nails, screws and staples. It adheres to plywood, OSB, CMU, lumber, exterior grade gypsum sheathing, aluminum or vinyl clad windows. The flame-free, peel-and-stick installation can be completed in temperatures as low as -12° C (10° F). And Blueskin® WB can remain exposed to UV rays for up to 6 weeks with no damage! Blueskin® WB Window and Door Flashing is ideal for a wide range of uses in new construction and home renovation projects.

Sizes Available

  • Widths of 10.16 cm (4”), 15.24 cm (6”), 22.86 cm (9”) and 30.48 cm (12”)
  • Lengths of 15.24 m (50’)
  • Also available in 45.72 cm (18”) and 91.44 cm (36”) widths for wall details


  • An effective air, water and vapour barrier
  • The best protection against air infiltration and water damage
  • A simple way to improve a home’s energy efficiency year-round
  • Protects from rot and improves building lifespan
  • A self-adhered rubberized flashing membrane
  • Fast, easy peel and stick application
  • Self-sealing and puncture resistant
  • Thicker and adheres at a wider range of temperatures than other products


Blueskin VP

A fully-adhered system that functions not only as a water resistant barrier and rain barrier, but stops uncontrolled air leakage to improve building comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

To watch the Blueskin VP™ video click here

Blueskin VP 100is designed for residential applications.


  • Vapour permeable water and air barrier
  • Tri-laminate polypropylene fabric
  • Fully adhered to sheating — eliminating mechanical fasteners
  • Meets industry standard for a Water Resistant Barrier (WRB)
  • Patented intermittent adhesive
  • Fully water resistant
  • Peel-and-stick — easy to apply
  • Packaged in convenient rolls for full wall and flashing applications
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, preserved wood, metal and polystyrene
  • Retains flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Perfect for waterproofing ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) foundation walls
  • Can be applied to damp or green concrete
  • Can be applied in one coat or in multiple coats with reinforcing fabric
  • Bridges cracks
  • Contains no solvent and is environmentally friendly
  • Provides greater moisture and water protection of sheathing than mechanically attached Water Resistant Barriers (WRBs)
  • Keeps water from being trapped behind the WRB during construction phase
  • Eliminates wind washing of insulation due to pressure cycling
  • Lowers energy costs (defined by Energy Star whole house modeling)
  • Improves occupant comfort by eliminating drafts
  • Improves performance of insulation
  • Helps prevent mold growth by removing moisture


Duck Seal

Duck Seal is a polymeric emulsion based duct sealer supplied in a heavy brush consistency. It is used to prevent pressure loss on joints and seams on metal duct work of air distribution systems with pressures up to 30cm (12”) of water.


  • 30 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Shelf Life is up to 12 month in sealed containers


  • Environmentally friendly (Low VOC)
  • Non-flammable during application
  • Dries to a tough, flexible, fire-resistive film
  • Water based, no solvent odours
  • Good aging characteristics
  • High pressure resistance


Henry/Bakor Blueskin® RF 200 Self-Adhesive Ice and Water Barrier

RF 200 is an SBS modified bitumen high-temperature roofing underlayment reinforced with a textured skid-resistant polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered on sloped roof surfaces as secondary seal under shingles or tile.


  • Self-seals when penetrated by mechanical fasteners or roofing nails
  • Prevents lateral moisture migration
  • Provides premium anti-resistant textured blue film surface for applicator safety
  • Provides split release backing for fast application
  • Meets ASTM D1970 standard and is ICC listed

Size available

  • Thickness: 40 mils
  • Length: 19.8 m
  • Width: 914 m