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Jack Van Beurden
Phone: 1 (905) 264-1414

Mike Whelpley
Phone: 1 (905) 264-1414

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Their Products:

  • Airmax
  • Flowmax

How They Are Used:

  • Airmax - Small duct hi-velocity air handling system provides effective, efficient heating and cooling distribution
  • Flowmax - High efficiency condensing dual purpose water heaters provide effective, efficient space heating and domestic water



  • Space saving - Air handlers can be mounted in a variety of configurations, small size allows the equipment closet to be reduced in size
  • Reduced bulkheads - Small duct sizes allows the reduction in bulkhead sizes while still effectively delivering conditioning to the farthest areas
  • Zoning capable - Using a prioritization system allows the supply of conditioning to the area of need without needlessly conditioning those that don’t


  • Space saving
  • Efficiency gains - Modulating condensing burner to meet load
  • Separated water streams for heating and domestic water - No shared water, easily adapts to in-floor heating
  • Stand-alone or storage tank capable – Easily sized to meet varying home sizes and demands

Builder Testimonial:

Tridel letter on Prioritization Zoning