The Clearsphere Enviro Home

The Clearsphere House built in 2004 by John Godden marks a radical new departure in family home construction.  We used cutting-edge building technologies and techniques to create a 2,500 sq. ft., two-storey dwelling designed to minimize its environmental footprint and maximize its indoor air quality.  With its all-steel frame construction and thermal-mass concrete subflooring, Clearsphere House is an exceptionally solid, well-built home.  The structure is integrated with site conditions to enhance natural lighting, solar heat gains and surrounding views.  Views include a unique naturally irrigated garden planted with native species selected for beauty and low-pollen emission.

Health Features 

A) Avoiding Air Borne Contaminants

  • Inert and odourless polyicynene insulation used
  • Chemical free-inert wall studs and joists that do not support insects and mold growth
  • Maximizing hard flooring with ceramic tile (90%) and pre-finished hardwood floors throughout
  • Special low odour paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Low toxicity sealers and floor adhesives
  • Detached garage to prevent car exhaust fumes from entering the house
  • Low odour caulking
  • Formaldehyde free bath vanities and kitchen cabinets
  • Low pollen garden plants

B) Cleaning the Air

  • HEPA air filtration, 99.97% effective
  • Primary Heat Recovery Ventilator for the kitchen, baths, bedrooms and main living rooms
  • Second ventilator for storage rooms and closets
  • Self cleaning and degreasing kitchen exhaust hood
  • High efficient central vacuum exhausted to the exterior

C) Water Cleaning

  • Reverse osmosis drinking water filtration
  • Point of entry high efficient water conditioner

D) Inhibiting Mould and Fungi (moisture control)

  • Insulation around the window jambs with flashing, reduces condensation
  • R7.5 below slab insulation with radiant heating
  • Exterior basement water proofing
  • Continuous interior moisture barrier
  • HRV to regulate indoor humidity

E) Controlling Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF)

  • Shielding wiring eliminates the presence of EMF
  • Indoor grounding prevents migration of EMF from water piping sources
Environmental Features  

1) Maximizing Energy Efficiency

  • Condensing, direct vent, on-demand hot water boiler
  • Seal and insulate high velocity cooling system
  • High efficient HRV system
  • In-floor hydronic radiant heat flooring
  • Air tight polyicynene insulation
  • Isoclad expanded polystyrene with bonded tyvek membrane
  • Tyvek window wrap
  • High performance low-E2 fibreglass windows
  • Window placement and size designed for passive solar gain and natural lighting
  • 4′-0″ roof overhang to for reduction in summer heat gain
  • 2″ thick thermal mass concrete and tile floor for optimal temperature control
  • ENERGY STAR appliances

2) Reducing Green House Gases

  • Highly passive solar
  • Solar thermal water panels
  • A/C with seasonal energy efficiency rating of 14SEER with no ozone depleting refrigerants
  • EPA rated wood burning fireplace

3) Reducing Waste

  • Recycled cellulose insulation ised in the attic and the garage
  • Recycled fibre material for the garage construction
  • Long life low maintenance metal roofing
  • Pre-cut and pre-engineered steel stud to reduce construction waste
  • 90% recycled content in the reusable metal studs

4) Water Conservation

  • Extended gutters for landscape irrigation
  • Porous driveway and walking paths for natural rain water drainage