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John Godden teaches workshops for EnerQuality Corporation including the ENERGY STAR builders workshop and an introduction to Green Renovations. He is also a LEED faculty member for the Canada Green Building Council providing workshops for LEED for Homes.

Upcoming Courses:

  • HERS Training Course - June 14, 15 & 16, 2012

HERS Training Course in Canada

Offering your Builders and Clients an Alternative

Clearsphere is partnering with Energy Vanguard, a RESNET accredited HERS training provider to offer Canadians the first ever HERS Training Course.

June 14 – 16, 2012
from 9:30am to 5:00pm

Henry Company Canada Inc, 15 Wallsend Drive, Scarborough, ON

Allison Bailes, PhD, Energy Vanguard
Assisted by John Godden, Clearsphere

$595 + 13% HST for CRESNET members
$695 + 13% HST for non-CRESNET members

Participants will receive training materials, lunch and snacks, a certificate of completion, and a discount on CRESNET Rater Test and sublicence of RemRate.

To Become a CRESNET Member visit


  • Arm yourself with another service you can offer your builders and clients. The HERS index is market based, meaning it is sustainable for your businesses.
  • Performance is measured by the annual energy use for the building – REM/Rate software is now recognized by the Ontario Building Code for code compliance.
  • HERS ratings:
    • Provide consistent results and are sensitive to changes;
    • Are easy for homeowners and builders to understand. A 1% improvement = 1 point better HERS rating since the scale is calibrated;
    • Include air conditioning, lighting, appliances loads, and gives full credit for renewable options including solar thermal, solar air and photovoltaic panels;
    • Uses the actual building geometry for the reference house, rather than an R-2000 house in Hot2000;
    • Are energy cost based and takes the primary energy source into account;
    • Are recognized in LEED Canada for Homes as an energy performance path option;
    • Use open software, meaning it is easy to use, has limited software bugs, an extensive help menu and technical support.
  • Offer your builders an alternative energy rating to help differentiate themselves in 2012. ENERGY STAR for New Homes Common Spec will be perceived as being the same performance level as the 2012 Ontario Building Code at EnerGuide 80. Several requirements of ESNH are not included in the EnerGuide rating where they can be in a HERS rating, such as lighting, air conditioning, drain water heat recovery, air tightness and efficient appliances (if applicable). A HERS rating can demonstrate how much better your builders Energy Star homes are compared to the code.
  • The 2012 Building Code will require that all new houses reach an EnerGuide 80 through either a choice of 37 compliance packages or through performance modeling. The OBC12 states that an equivalent energy rating to EnerGuide 80 may be used to meet the OBC12 performance standard.


The course will be instructed by Allison Bailes, PhD.  The Energy Vanguard curriculum is learner-centered, meaning you’ll be actively involved and what you learn in the class will stay with you. For more information on Energy Vanguard and Allison A. Bailes, please see

Phase 1: Online Webinar
- to be completed between June 4th -  June 8th prior to class
Objective: All students come to class with a minimum base of knowledge about houses, HERS ratings and Rem/Rate software.

Webinars to cover fundamental concepts:
• Building science fundamentals
• Intro to HERS Ratings
• Intro to REM/Rate software

Phase 2: Classroom
3 days, June 14, 15 & 16 from 9:00am-5:00pm
Objective: Get students an initial certification that allows them to get started as HERS raters in Canada under the auspices of CRESNET.

1. Complete 1 home energy HERS rating using REM/Rate software.
2. Pass a beginning home energy rater test created for the class.

• Advanced building science
• Pressure testing
• HERS Standards
• REM/Rate rating software
• Quizzes to prepare for CRESNET Rater Test
• Transferring data between Right-Suite HVAC software and REM/Rate
• Understanding relationship between HERS and the building code (NBC/OBC)

Supported by:

Henry Company is the leading innovator of specialized Building Envelope Systems®,  and manufacturers a complete line of Roofing, Air Barriers and Waterproofing Systems. For more than 70 years, Henry and Bakor products have protected and enhanced the performance of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional foundations, buildings and structures.     Visit for information.

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Mail payment by cheque to: AlphaTec Consulsting & Construction, 12 Rowley Ave, Toronto, M4P 2S8
(must be received by June 1st, 2012)