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From Energy Performance to Green – We’re Here to Help…

In the GTA, recognized labels like ENERGY STAR for New Homes and LEED for Homes are gaining widespread adoption by municipalities and builders.  As a builder meeting the growing demand for energy and sustainable homes can be overwhelming.  Clearsphere can help make it easier by assisting you in every step of the process by developing a roadmap for custom energy and green building.

Creating Your Green Building Roadmap

1) Initial Design Assessment
Through energy modeling analysis, Clearsphere calculates the effects of high-performance assemblies, various heating, cooling and hot water technologies, and renewable energy system options for the home.  We quantify the options both in terms of energy rating (using EnerGuide or HERS), and also provide cost savings estimates.

Clearsphere may use the energy modeling analysis to recommend a customized energy building package.  This will include the thermal resistance values for the above and below grade walls, ceilings and floors, windows, doors, mechanical and ventilation systems for the project.  For sustainable houses, other components like water and material conservation, indoor air quality, site and waste reduction are recommended.  This initial design assessment also includes air sealing and water management details to ensure that the houses are built with a Systems Approach in mind.

2) Product Selection
Clearsphere is at the forefront of the latest green technologies and products. We may recommend new products or technologies, weigh the sustainability pros and cons, and provide approximate cost information and insight from other builders using the product.  Once the builder selects the products, Clearsphere facilitates a partnership between builders, sub-contractors and suppliers to foster a team approach and assist with cost estimates to create competitive advantage.

3) Municipal Approvals
Clearsphere may assist the builder with the project’s municipal approvals.  We meet with planning and building staff to provide information on the project’s energy and sustainable design specifications.  Consultation with building officials at the front end of the development can streamline the execution of the construction process.

4) Orientations, On-site Training and Progress Inspections
To ensure the highest quality, Clearsphere provides spot inspections throughout the construction process.  These inspections provide opportunities for on-site training for site managers and trades.  A feedback loop is created to ensure that scopes of work are followed and improvements of the construction process and detailing are realized.  Builders new to energy and green construction may choose to hold a group training session for their trades and sub-trades prior to construction.

Some of the certifications require pre-drywall inspections (Thermal Bypass Inspection).  Clearsphere will inspect the insulation, air barrier and provide feedback on details in order to achieve the air tightness requirements of the various programs.

5) Completion Testing, Verification and Documentation
Clearsphere will complete an air tightness test, inspection and photo documentation of required components including full documentation of compliance for each requirement for the certification the house is enrolled in.  A deficiency report may be provided to the builder and re-inspected for compliance.

The required paperwork is completed and submitted for certification.

Optional HVAC performance testing that includes system balancing etc is also provided.

6) Integrated Marketing Support
Clearsphere may provide marketing support to builders by writing and reviewing materials, including construction schedules. Training sessions for sales staff to educate them on energy and green components may also be provided. These sessions use role playing and experiential learning techniques to familiarize staff on features and benefits.

7) Homeowner Orientation
Some certifications such as LEED have a component that encourages homeowner education. Clearsphere may provide assistance in writing a homeowners manual, hold meetings and information sessions or take the homeowners on a tour of the house to explain the key features of the home and answers technical questions.


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